What’s it going to feel like?

With fundraising now under way, ideas of what we are to use the money for are starting to form. The various activities we have planned for the children of Vaatjie Primary School are all very exciting and will certainly create memories and moments that we will share with these children.

July-10-2013 - 106

This past summer I stayed in America and worked summer camps. Mostly just soccer camps, but one all sports andacademic camp at QU. Through the various camps I worked, it was amazing to see over the course of hours, days and a week, the type of relationships you have with these children. The way they treat you at the beginning compared with the way they treat you at the end.

I could see first hand the amount of joy a child had when asking if I could shoot a basketball with them, or read to them or sit with them at lunch. These are the little things that brighten children’s days at this age. Especially for the children at Vaatjie, we will be a sparkle to the start of their year. I am looking forward to hopefully seeing this same sort of relationship build over the course of the trip with the children, just as it did with my campers and I over summer. I hadn’t experienced summer camp before, so this environment was new to me, and I found out that it was a week of their summer that they most looked forward to throughout the year.

Iona-2013 - 065

For these children in South Africa, I’m sure they are excited to see a new group. For many, it will be a highlight of their young life. I hope they not only consider us as role models, but also friends. It will change my life I’m sure, just as much as it will change theirs.

I think it will be a big surprise for me to see what they have and what they lack. But I’m sure it will be amazing to see what they make out of what they have and still see them smiling.


One Comment on “What’s it going to feel like?

  1. Hey Erik, this is a great insight into how you are feeling and although there are many similarities between the two camp there will also be many differences! It may be a good idea to write down things you find similar and different between the two camps? The main differences I think will be communication, although these kidlets understand english and can speak it, it will be your actions and your nonverbal communication that they will be looking out for. They will be shy and weary of you guys and you will have to get them to trust you, to open up. You hit the nail on the head when you said that often they just want you to throw a ball with them, its not so much about material things but more about spending time and getting to know them! Wont hurt if we attempt to part some educational and perspective changing activities onto them along the way too 😉 Looking forward to having you guys here!! x

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