Heatin Up

Brainstorming activities was the focus of our latest group discussion. I thought this would be easy… except that all of my activities would involve physical activity that most kids would not be up for after playing soccer or hip hop all morning long. I didn’t really think of heat considerations, but now the heat has been on the top of my mind… IT’S GOING TO BE HOT!sun

Activities are going to have to be educational and artsy/craftsy oriented because the kids are likely to be physically tired from our morning session. With this in mind, coming up with activities has become much harder not only because of the heat and physical activity limitations, but finding activities that the children find as amusing and want to participate in. We want to create a sense of enthusiasm with our activities so that the kids will be able to leave at the end of the day with a sense of accomplishment (and hydrated!).

The recognition of the heat had a bigger impact on me than simply activity brainstorming… I’m going to be getting a tan soon!

Jokes aside, it hit me that we are halfway through this experience and yes, the heat is right around the corner… Our trip is heatin up. Am I ready for the heat? I think so. Quite simply, I’m much more confident about the trip than I was two months ago.

I have such a better understanding of the camp and the collective ambitions of the QU group and Tippy Toes Foundation alike. I have learned the societal and cultural differences in the environment that I am endeavoring upon, and understand the importance to recognize the lifestyle differences prior to my duties as a ‘camp counselor.’ Most importantly, our group collaboration has grown and I believe that we have a sense of team. I wondered how we would develop as a ‘team’ from meeting just every two weeks, but it has been awesome and a pleasure to work with this group.

Where do I go from here? Well, I believe all of our focus now shifts to fundraising!


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