Fundraising Hurdles on the Long Stretch


Hello again everyone!

So these past two weeks we have been getting down to business with fundraising! On Tuesday, October 15th we had a fundraising event at Chili’s in Hamden and it was a huge success, we might not have made as much as we wanted to but the amount of people that heard about the event and came to support was amazing! At one point there was a wait, and at all the tables in the whole restaurant besides two, were for our event. The atmosphere was great and we were able to get over $100 in just donations alone!

We all understand that our overall goal of $4,000 is a lot and will be a ton of work, but its nothing that we aren’t willing to do. We know what it is going for, and how much of a difference it can make towards our Holiday Camp.

We have a raffle all this week (and last) in our school’s student center trying to bring in some more money and make sure more people are more aware of what we are trying to do.

This raffle has been a little difficult so far. We have amazing prizes, some I’ll be putting in some money for, like two QU vs Yale tickets and the US Women’s National Team jersey. Unfortunately, we were originally in a location making it a little hard for us to use the strong personalities that we have to pull people in. But that’s just another hurdle I am sure our group can get over!

All of this event planning, doing the fundraising, meeting with the group and becoming better friends and getting to know the people we will be traveling with makes me look forward to this adventure so much more! 66 more days!

Until next time..



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