We’re Here, There, and Everywhere!

Hey everyone!

Hopefully midterms have been going well for those of you who have been studying your brains out for the past week or so! Hopefully they’re coming to an end and you can all get back to a hopefully less stressful lifestyle!

Let me take a minute to let you know about some of the events that the members of the QU South Africa squad have been taking part in lately!


Skyler & Jillian

Skyler & Jillian

On October 15th we held a benefit dinner at Chili’s where 10% of the the nights sales went towards our Holiday Camp! From that dinner we made about $200 to get us closer to our goal of $4,000! We had a table in the lobby where we had a banner explaining what we were doing and we handed out flyers to everyone who walked in!  We had a lot of people approach us as they came in or left and asked us all about our trip.  There were many people that were extremely interested in what we were doing! Lots of them were so interested that they wanted to start to follow our blog posts and stay up to date with everything that we will be doing.  This was a great way for us to expose ourselves to the public!  I feel that now we will have a lot more support than we did prior to the dinner, whether it be in donations or people just knowing that we’re doing something great for others!

On Saturday, October 19th we had a bake sale at the Men’s Ice Hockey game here at QU and we were able to make about $260!  We may just have another bake sale coming your way so keep an eye out!! I mean let’s be honest…who doesn’t LOVE baked goods?! Knowing that the money you spend on a sweet treat is going to such a great cause should make you feel a little less guilty about eating it 🙂

Starting October 21st, and lasting until November 1st, are hosting the QU South Africa Holiday Camp Raffle, set up in the student center! Thus far, we have had a good amount of people come and enter to win our raffle prizes and ask about our trip! Some of the prizes within the raffle are:

  • 2 shirts from Corner Deli, 2 soccer jerseys
  • a Beat Yale shirt and a QU scarf
  • giftcards to Ixtapa
  • a Ben & Jerrys gift basket containing a Cherry Garcia shirt, a pint lock, a water bottle, a keychain, a bumper sticker, a hat and a keytag for 10% off of any purchase at any Ben & Jerry’s location for a year
  • and last but not least, the most exciting of our prizes is 2 tickets to the Qu vs. Yale Men’s Ice Hockey game!!!! …You know you want them!

Anyways, we will be set up in the Student Center for the remainder of the week from 10 am-4pm and raffle tickets are 1 for $1 or 10 for $5! Come on over and support us!

I will be sure to keep updating you all with more information on upcoming events!  Thank you for all of your support thus far and don’t forget to DONATE!  

Until next time!



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