Putting the “FUN” in Fundraising

Taylor talking about the QU South Africa Holiday Camp Raffle at Bobcat Madness

Taylor talking about the QU South Africa Holiday Camp Raffle at Bobcat Madness

The time is upon us! Fundraising efforts are in full swing as we are rapidly approaching our departure date. Numerous hours of collaborative thinking have produced many different fun and exciting ideas that we hope will gain awareness for our cause! Because we have such a wide range of students going along on this trip, our reach is very wide-spread, and we hope to tackle all bases of the Quinnipiac community. Our exposure so far has been tremendous, with our fundraising ideas being promoted in weekly emails sent out to the entire student body, as well as one of our own Taylor promoting the fundraising at Quinnipiac’s version of “Midnight Madness” where a large portion of the student body gathers to welcome in the Division 1 athletes for our sports teams!

One of the most sought after prizes by every Quinnipiac student is also being promoted at one of our fundraising events. We are holding a raffle, with prizes including gift certificates to local restaurants, a Ben and Jerry’s gift basket, as well as men’s and women’s US National team jerseys for soccer among other things. But this one prize I am referring to is the ever-elusive QU v. Yale hockey ticket.  With tickets to this game being sold out LONG ago, only a select number of tickets are left available for students. When students are able to generate these tickets the weekend before the game, they have gone in less than a minute in years past. We will be raffling off two tickets to this game that is in high demand, so we are hoping that this will draw in a significant crowd of students and even faculty!

This process of coming up with ideas and meeting together as a group has definitely strengthened the bond between all of us, and it’s an amazing feeling going into the planning meetings we have every two weeks knowing that we’re going to be coming up with big ideas.

January 4th is coming – and we’re surely moving in the right direction.

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