Conquering Fears

My friends and family have always made fun of me for being afraid of my own shadow. I am afraid of walking alone, roller coasters and heights.

But what they don’t give me credit for is conquering these fears, and this past summer I did just that. From traveling alone to climbing mountains, I have definitely stepped outside my comfort zone. The trip I took to Israel has only prepared me for my adventure to South Africa.

In June, I traveled to Israel for two weeks to experience my birthright and culture. My biggest fears were going completely alone as well as being on a plane for over five hours – both of which I was about to conquer by accepting this offer to go on the trip.

After being dropped off at the airport, I stood in line for security and decided to take a leap of faith. I started talking to the people around me, and luckily, they were a few of the 40 people on my trip.  Ten hours later, I finally arrived in Israel. I instantly made friends and played a few games of Jewish geography. The two weeks flew by and I had one of the best experiences of my life. I learned all about my culture, met new friends, and overcame fears all in one short trip.

This experience of going to Israel has given me the confidence and excitement to see the world yet again. I walked into the first QU South Africa meeting of the school year only seeing familiar faces and knowing about three people venturing on this journey with me. With the trip being less than 70 days away, the people that were once strangers to me are now friends, and we have only known each other for two months. I cannot wait to see what these friendships blossom into after experiencing a new culture together. Going to South Africa will give me the opportunity to travel and make a profound impact in people’s lives.

For as afraid as I am to do anything and everything, I am willing to conquer the fear and just do it.


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