I Am Human, Just Like They Are

As I was on the bus to New Jersey for an away game, there was a sign on the side of the road. It said, “What can one person do?” with a picture of Nelson Mandela beside the quote.

Now what I thought was:

  • can I be that one person in some of these young children’s lives?
  •  and can we be that group of people in these young children’s lives that influence them for the better in the future?


The thing is, I am human, and so are they, and so is my group.

We all smell, taste, touch, and speak. Maybe not all these are done in the same way, but we all do them.

So what can I learn from how they perform these actions compared to mine? And what can they learn from my actions compared to theirs?

As Tamarin commented on my previous post it will be your actions and your nonverbal communication that they will be looking out for”. So it is important that our actions and nonverbal communication and mannerisms has the same effect as verbal communication.

As I grow older, I constantly look back and remember when different events occurred in my young life. Different people stand out in different memories as many different people played their part in my development and learning. What if one day, one of the children from Vaatjie looks back, just as I have, and remembers and recognizes the influence I had on them? To be that ‘one person’, is just one of my goals for the trip.

As I get older and think of some decisions I made and sometimes think of wanting to change them. The important thing is for these young children to learn what the right decisions are and for them to continue to make them.

The fundraising is still in full effect; with the temperatures cooling down we will be warming up students with Hot Chocolate outside the Student Center on Nov 6th and 7th. TGIFridays is coming up in a couple weeks and as always the donation page is there.

Until next time,


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