A Sneak Preview

Hey Everyone!

So this past Sunday, I got a little insight to some of the things I might be experiencing in less than two months time! The Quinnipiac Women’s Soccer team was lucky enough to go down to Orlando, Florida and participate in the MAAC Championship Tournament. Unfortunately we lost in the first round but got to make the most of it going to all the parks until our time there was over. After hitting the most popular parks we headed over to Animal Kingdom! One of the most popular attractions is the Kilimanjaro Safari. I was not expecting to enjoy it so much. The terrain and animals actually made us feel like we were experiencing an authentic African safari. There were lions, rhinos, baby elephants and giraffes all just coexisting on this large stretch of land.

The entire time I kept bragging to my teammates that this is something I will get to have the true experience of on an actual safari. When more people found out what I was doing, they asked about the purpose of the trip, what our plans are, and what I hope to get out of it.

And even knowing our itinerary, what we are going to be doing at the Holiday Camp, all the people I’m traveling with… I blanked.

I didn’t have a clue as to what to answer. I have no idea what to expect, as much as I like to think how well prepared I am, I try to just picture what one day might be and it’s unimaginable. The idea of everything being “unknown” just makes the days pass at an unbelievable rate. The amount of time and effort that the group has put into this trip is just a small fraction of the excitement and anticipation that we are all feeling.

Until next time…



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