So Much Room for Activities!

Welcome back everyone!

Hopefully everyone is taking in one of the most beautiful things that New England has to offer; Fall foliage! I will say that though the sites are beautiful, I have not quite gotten used to the temperature drop yet! Brrrrr!  I guess I shouldn’t complain about that yet…I still have all of winter to do that.

Back to what you’re all hopefully interested in( …otherwise I’m not too sure why else you would be reading this blog), South Africa!  At our meeting a couple of weeks ago we talked about all of the fundraising we have done so far and how much of an impact we feel it has made.  We also took the time to really kick it in to gear and start toying around with the ideas we have for activities to do with the children when we arrive to South Africa.

If I have not yet told you everything we are doing or this is your first time checking in, these are the activities we plan do do while we are there:

1. Soccer camp

2. Hip-Hop dance lessons

3. Gardening/ Food Nutrition Education

4. Arts and Crafts

Brittany showing off her photo frame.

Brittany showing off her photo frame.

In our meeting we took the time to really plan how we were going to go about doing the gardening and all of our arts and crafts.  We all broke up into groups of 2 and picked a project to work on.  Once we had our project we were given supplies.  With those supplies we were to construct the project and as we did so we had to write our own directions.  I have to admit we all had a lot of fun with this!

Some of the arts and crafts that we are hoping to bring with us to South Africa to do with the children are:

1. Stuffed fabric pillows or knotted blankets

2. Sock Puppets

3. Bracelets/necklaces

4. Gardening (decorate the pots?)

I think the group that had the most fun with this was the group that had to come up with how to make a sock puppet! They came out great and they kept the rest of us entertained throughout the meeting.

This is what the picture frames came out like!     Popsicle Stick Picture Frame

If anyone has any ideas on easy arts and crafts ideas that are SUSTAINABLE please, please, please, feel free to let myself or any of the other members know! We would greatly appreciate it! Just keep in mind that we are trying to purchase the majority of our supplies down in South Africa as it would be very difficult to transport it via plane with us.  That being said, we need to be sure that we are able to find the supplies needed in South Africa as there are limited resources.

My experience thus far has been exciting…but I know that it is not nearly as exciting as it will be when January 4th hits.  It is hard to really say that I have changed from the start until now.  Sure, I am more knowledgeable about the country and the many things that are going to be different from here to there, but until I depart for my journey and witness things first hand I cannot say that my thoughts or feelings have changed.

Something that has surprised me, however, is how many people are truly interested in what we are doing.  As we have been holding our fundraising events I have been shocked to see who some of the people are that actually care about what we are doing and want to learn more about it.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m also shocked with the amount of people who turn their heads simply because they see a table with people sitting at it trying to get there attention.  But at the same time I understand where they are coming from as I have done the same thing multiple times..

Just as every human being, I can be judgmental at times, however this trip is starting to make me realize that I should truly never judge a book by its cover.  I have seen people come up and donate to us who I would have never in a million years thought that they would care about anything like this.  When you hold fundraising events it can really open up your eyes to how much people really care.  Not everyone’s as selfish as you may think, people!

Remember guys, it’s not too late to donate!!! Every little bit helps!!

Until next time,

Britt 🙂


One Comment on “So Much Room for Activities!

  1. I think all the ideas that you guys have come up with is great! When I was younger I loved doing all those crafts myself and I think it helped keep my out of trouble, maybe not the kind of trouble these kids are getting into but hopefully the same concept applies. As for your fundraisers the one at Fridays was great! I had been thinking about going to get Fridays and now I had even more of an incentive. Keep it up guys! You can do it ☺

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