Blondes Only



At our last meeting, Peter planned an activity for all of us to participate in. This activity involved marshmallows and spaghetti and the object was to reach the ceiling with only those objects- sounds fun doesn’t it?

I know for myself as soon as I saw marshmallows I was in! However Peter wasn’t done giving instructions, he then separated us into those with blonde hair and those, like myself, with brunette hair. The blondes received more materials to reach the ceiling, compliments, advice, and cookies. While the group I was in was continuously put down, had a teammate taken and moved to the other team, and finally had our structure crushed!

Obviously, this activity was more then just a fun, brain buzzing activity, it involved reflecting on what had took place and relating it to South Africa. In South Africa, the blacks during apartheid were the brunettes and the whites were the superior blondes. Just like in our activity, the whites were given more resources to help obtain goals, sustain suitable living structures, and given more opportunities in general. Whereas the blacks were given little resources, poor living structures, and barely any opportunities to strive. Being on the brunette side, it gave me some insight to how the blacks in South Africa may feel every day. It also gave me insight to what they face- rude comments, no opportunities etc.

This really motivated me to continue our efforts in helping the children at the Vaatjie Primary School. We are towards the end of this semester which means we are getting closer to the trip! In order for this trip to be a success and to give these children the resources they deserve, we have to continue our fundraising! Although it is close to finals, and I know for myself I am extremely busy, this activity helped me to gain a little morale to continue fundraising! These children do not deserve to have less resources because of discrimination toward their color, hopefully through our efforts we can provide them with resources and opportunities to give them the blonde treatment at least for a week!

Brittany, Jillian, Skyler, Danielle

One of our Fundraisers, Hot Cocoa!


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