A great activity by Peter made for a very good lesson learned for us.



Words such as separation, inequality, confusion, restriction and advantages were brought to light and we personally, throughout the activity, felt the actions of these words.

Right from the start, being split into groups based on hair color set a standard for us. I knew it was a challenge, but it was made all the more realistic with supplies distributed unequally and myself being the member that got moved from one group to another in order to make me confused and then I was sent to the corner.

The activity mirrored a lot of South Africa’s past. It represented the many external aspects of life that many of these people faced. Separated because of color, given different resources and materials because of color, being confused because of the different types of power reigning over them, and the restrictions put on them from society and the powerful people above them.

Just in the little exercise, emotionally we all experienced it differently, but we all had an emotional experience. The brunettes complained because of unfair resources, however unlike what happened in the South African past, if someone complained, punishment would not be pretty. Living a life knowing that there are resources right there for you but then not being able to access them is difficult. Because we are all taught to dream and chase after what we want in life, we have always at least had knowledge that most things were accessible, even that really nice t-shirt in the shop window. However these South Africans had to try and mentally come to terms knowing that they may never get the same treatment and materials as other South Africans.

Within these children that we meet, I feel that we may see some of this within them. They may have a preconception of us being these white rich people that have always gotten the better side of the deal, but our goal is to make them feel, as an individual, feel as important as anyone else.


On a side note, the Quinnipiac Men’s Soccer team over the past 2 weekends has won the MAAC regular season and then followed up by winning the MAAC Championship. We now take on nationally ranked #11 UConn on Thursday in the first round of the NCAA Tournament.

Nearly less than a month now…!


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