A Lot To Be Thankful For…

Hi again!

It’s that time of year where people look at their lives and think about what they are thankful for. I have family visiting, gathering around the dinner table for Thanksgiving and birthdays, engagement announcements, and soon enough Christmas! The winter has always been the craziest time of year for my family so to be able to sit down and see everyone in my family, healthy and together let’s me realize how lucky I truly am. My parents might be separated and we have had some family members move away but it is always this time of year when we come together and able to catch up and enjoy the holidays in each other’s company.

In preparation for this trip, I have come to realize just how much I have to be grateful for.
First off, the most obvious, I go to a school where going to South Africa and doing what we are doing, helping the people we are, is something possible. But when learning the history and culture of the country, and the conditions of the lives of the kids we will be meeting, there are so many more things I have thought about and started to appreciate.
We have been doing fundraisers, meetings, spending a couple hours a week with each other. After the meetings some of the girls go get food to hang out and talk about some of the things that we hope to happen or want to experience while we are there. I have never been in a group of people that have clicked so quickly and have gotten along so well.  I have come to get to know everyone that I will be sharing such an amazing experience and it is strange to think that I didn’t know some of these people I now consider such good friends. I am so happy to share with them such an amazing experience that was able to bring us all together.
The semester has come to a close and we are less than 3 weeks away from departure. I have friends graduating early, friends getting job offers for next year, and friends who have already graduated visiting me and telling me how much they love what they are doing. Since my sophomore year, I have come to a self-realization that I really have no idea what I am going to do. I have always loved traveling and have had the dream for as long as I can remember to travel Europe using trains and bikes with nothing but a backpack. But then I have always wanted to teach English, it didn’t matter where or how old but literature has always been something to hold my attention and has inspired my love of reading. I have always had such dedicated teachers that have inspired me to take my love for literature and wanting to be a teacher somewhere else, somewhere that needs it more. But my passion of soccer just doesn’t seem to be something that dims once my career at Quinnipiac is over. So where do I go from there?
I’ve sat down over the past year or so and realized what I want to do. I plan on working and saving up for a couple of months after I graduate and going to Europe and do the trip that I have always wanted to go on- but with a little twist. With every country I go to, I want to find a women’s soccer team to train with, hoping they like the player I am and if not, finding an international school I would be able to teach at whether it being the english language or literature. I have mapped out the countries I plan on going to, talking to friends that I have in many of them and talking about my chances or possibly renting their couch for a couple of days.
I have no idea of how I am going to do it but that’s when Peter gave us an interesting article about a man who experiences his life as fully as he can and reflects back on his 20s. What I took from it is the why and not the how. I want to see the world and try to help people along the way. From the traveling I have done so far, the community service, and what I am expecting to get out of this upcoming trip – I have grown so much and all of it has shaped the person I am. I want these experiences to help me to continue to grow and evolve the person I hope to become. And my biggest move yet, what I hope influences me the most, starts January 4th.
Until then,

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