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With finals over and winter break finally here it feels good to just sit back and relax. However while sitting back and relaxing, my mind keeps going to South Africa and how soon our adventure begins! In the past couple of weeks due to my busy final schedule I have not had a chance to write about the new things that have arose in the topic of South Africa.

First, we received our partners for the week! My wonderful partner is Jessica Patel! The cool thing about this is Jess and I went on a previous service trip together to North Carolina. There we worked with Chatham Habitat for Humanity. The trip allowed us to give back to a community and brought us closer together. Another interesting fact is that we are in the same sorority- Alpha Delta Pi! I am so excited to work with her at the Holiday Camp and to meet our campers for the week. It will be interesting to see how this trip brings us together and of course to see how the campers impact our lives.


Secondly, we received the itinerary or “the bible” for the two weeks we are spending in South Africa. This is what really got me excited about the upcoming trip. Knowing exactly what we have in store for us has my imagination running wild. However, what I am still most excited about is meeting the campers we are going to be working with for the week. I have questions all throughout my mind such as “Are they going to like me?” “Will they open up to me?”. I really hope that my questions all turn into realities of truth!

Although these questions run through my mind I still cannot wait to board the plane on January 4th. I am excited to be home for winter break and grateful to spend time with my family and friends but on the same hand I just can’t wait to be in South Africa!

Hope to see you all there as you join our journey!


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